Trust and motives of the heart.

Love is proof that I have been set free from "my intentions" unto HIS. I must never forget that it's the goodness of GOD, not my own, that draws one to repentance. To get someone to repent and change their ways, I must reveal Jesus, who IS their change of way..

A heart that doesn't know needs revelation. A heart that knows needs correction. But, even correction is to restore the person to a safer place; in Jesus......Nothing else. 

It's not about me.

God knows we only trust the Judgement of a safe place. People hide where they feel safe. Judgement without love, no one feels safe. It is Love and Goodness that HEALS the heart unto trust, trust in God, and then, correction is accepted and received. 

Without LOVE birthing identity, of people being loved, they will yield to their pride because it's safer. 

I must fight to remember that I am a safe place. I am the temple of the LIVING God. It's not about me, or my agenda, it's about working the works of HIM who sent me. That primary work, is LOVE.

It's not for the emotional, the selfish, or the faint at heart.

What's the motive of your heart? God's will, or yours?