God works from the inside out.

God desires truth in the inward parts. Who we are on the inside, is what will eventually show up on the outside. Many "look" as if they have it all together on the outside, but often times they are empty and without substance inwardly. When the storms of life come, their foundation is shaken and everything they built their life on comes Crashing Down. God desires to be our foundation. When we begin to build on the solid rock of God, we enter into a journey that shapes us, molds us, chisels away at us, prunes us, and prepares us. It's an inside job that manifest itself through fruit bearing. Give God the secret chambers of your mind and heart. The holy spirit will lead you and guide you into all truth. God will instruct you in the way that HE wants you to go. Write out your inward vision board, make it plain. Acknowledge God in all of your ways and trust God Alone to direct your path.

This is my vision board hope it helps. đź’•

- focus on the fact that God is with you and will never leave or forsake you.

-Take control of your thoughts, elevate your thinking to things above

- Let go of every earthly love and affection, cut every string that attempts to keep you earth bound, especially in your thinking.

-Don't isolate yourself. Fellowship with people often, especially people who tug on the Christ in you. Never be afraid to ask for help.

-Trust God with your wounds, ALL of them. Allow HIM to reveal and Make you aware of your wholeness.

-Exercise your Faith. Let your Faith access your healing. Boldly approach the throne of Grace.

-Wear LOVE like a garment, no matter what. NEVER take it off.

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